It came as a complete shock to me that I LOVED this movie! Granted, I would consider myself to be a Michael Bay fan, but certainly not a Transformers fan. Yes, I played with toys as a kid and the concept is good, but I never really bought into the TV shoes etc… But there’s very little wrong with this film. Great script, dialogue, action, music and pacing.

I now some may scoff at my great dialogue line, but the core to this films’ success is the fact that it knows exactly what it is. It’s an action block buster about living alien robots that transform in to various vehicles … How seriously can you tale this concept??? But it manages to take it seriously enough to draw in the audience and keep our attention for almost 2 and half hours.

My only 2 quibbles with this movie are Jon Voight, always a problem in my opinion, and that Australian chick and the fat black guy. The most irritating comic relief ever…? Possibly…

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