Will we be adding this our collection? No

Having not seen either of the first two Madagascar movies, watching what is effectively the third, wasn’t quite as the writers had intended. I don’t know the characters properly as I missed their establishment in the first movie, but I still got the picture.

But from this short, I would have to say that Ben Stiller’s Alex, the lion, was somewhat soft and very boringly played, but what would you really expect from Ben Stiller.

Yes, he can play some diverse characters but he can also act and sound as if he is literally phoning in his performances. The rest of the talent were reasonable and there were a few laughs but it was obviously contrived for Christmas so in my mind is too cynical to be taken seriously.

The same can be said for any major film or franchise but this is a very slight film with little impact other than to show Stiller’s even slighter voice talent…

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