2009 10/10 The best Pixar film since Toy Story. How can such a simple narrative following one old man's quest to fulfill his wife's dream of living on a South American waterfall, capture so much. Dogs, birds, man and boy. Every character was rounded and added to the story, making this something memorable and classic. The "Spirit Of Adventure" … Continue reading UP


2007 4/10 NOT A PART OF MY COLLECTION Disappointing from STARt to finish. Barely watchable, contrived and overly complex plot surrounding the capture of Claire Danes' fallen star, but too many characters, hit and miss comedy and a general sense of confusion left me cold. Not very funny, not very exciting and it didn't seem to know exactly … Continue reading STARDUST


1997 7/10 The more accurate of 1997's two volcano films, but this falls foul of typical disaster movie pacing: Two hours of film with the first hour of set up followed by another of action. But the action does satisfy none the less and overall, for all its' clichés, it does makes for a good entertaining film.


1994 10/10 After years of watching this movie, I feel that it only gets better with age. This is dark western, with a grand scope and epic qualities. The production values are as brilliant as the performances, notably and outstanding Dennis Quaid as Doc Holiday. Costner's, Wyatt Earp's character arch is superbly played also, with the Silverado … Continue reading WYATT EARP