The best Pixar film since Toy Story. How can such a simple narrative following one old man’s quest to fulfill his wife’s dream of living on a South American waterfall, capture so much.

Dogs, birds, man and boy. Every character was rounded and added to the story, making this something memorable and classic.

The “Spirit Of Adventure” was at this film’s core, taking the simple idea and taking it and us along for the ride into what could only be described as one of the bizarrest tales I have ever seen. From squirrels to GPS! The humour was eye-wateringly hilarious, but this was complimented with a heartwarming story and a sense of real excitement.

Shot for 3D, this film may well have benefited at the theatre but it certainly didn’t NEED it. There were a few moments when 3D would have added some effect but it worked just as well in 2D. A film shot this beautifully could only look different, not better.

Ultimately one of the most re-watchable movies you’re likely to see and nothing short of a masterpiece. Just when I thought that Pixar had lost their tough, Up it came, as if from nowhere…

(Reviewed – March 2010)

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