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TITANIC (1997)




It’s been little over 12 years since I first saw this movie and it still packs a punch. Yes, granted, it’s fairy tale scripting and glossing texture have certainly left their marks on it, and left it open to ever growing criticism, but it is that that makes it such a classic.

Some would label this a chick flick and in many ways they could be right, but it also ticks the boxes of various other marketable genres.

This is an epic. It contains romance, it contains action but connecting the two is the cinematic heart of a cinematic great.

The weakest parts of this film though in many ways isn’t the trite romance but the contrived action, mainly centering on Jack’s incarnation in the bowels of the ship. This is clearly filler and by far the weakest portion of this film.

My only other major gripe is the lack of detail surrounding the sinking itself. Not to say that it wasn’t detailed, quite the opposite, but there was more to it than what was finally portrayed and I would have liked to see more of this that Rose’s insentient use of the word “Jack” for 20 minutes!

James Horner’s score was first rate, as per usual at the time, but I could have certainly lived without Celine Dion’s loud contribution. (Sorry…)

This was IMHO James Cameron’s finest work, though there’s very little in it, between the rest of his excellent movies, with the exception of course of “Piranha II: The Spawning”, which we shall not go into here…

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