3D – 9/10

2D – 8/10


Whilst being suitably dazzled by the all-engrossing three dimensional experience that was “Avatar” in the theatre, I was keen to see how this held up in the more traditional sense.

In 2D this is still a stunning a fully realised visual feast, with an enormous and at times awe inspiring attention  to detail. It’s easy to forget that Pandora isn’t real and that was the point.

Did it need 3D to achieve this? No, but that’s not to say that it didn’t add anything either. But ultimately I was more than pleased to fully enjoy this film in 2D, proving that Cameron had finally shot a 3D film properly, not to shock the crowds but to tell his story, though be it with a bias for the visual.

Epic, engaging and exiting, this is a must see extravaganza but does it warrant a s sequel? Does it warrant repeat viewing? The former only time will tell, but I’m not craving one that much, but as for the latter, absolutely!

The only real gripe I have with this film is its plot. At times it seems overly contrived and leaps from plot point to plot point often leaving us with huge questions such as WHY!

The music, editing and direction were all first rate and overall the performances were very watchable, with Stephen Lang standing out head and shoulders about the rest.

Overall very enjoyable, visually stunning and a leap forward in cinema, even without the 3D.

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