I was expecting a very different take on the classic detective but was pleasantly surprised with what I watched. The relationship between Holmes and Watson was well played as well as judged.

Downey Jr.’s Holmes was brilliant to say the least and the fact that Guy Richie’s “Geezer” influence was reduced was more than welcome. But I’m not a fan of Sherlock Holmes and would relish a change and whilst we got that, with this being the freshest to date, the film was very true the original characters without being mired in them.

I liked that, but at the same time, not being the biggest fan of them in the first place meant that nothing short of re-writing the entire premise, which I would not welcome, there would be little chance of me being blown away. But this was as close as it will ever come and my favourite interpretation yet.

And this was certainly helped by yet another inspired score by Hans Zimmer, which helped lift this outing up and away from the constraints of previous.

Looking forward to the inevitable sequel…

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