In many ways this was lacking almost everything that made the original work, let alone the sequels. But that would be a little unfair. Granted the humour was not as funny nor as witty and it was uninspired, but the heart was more present here than it has been since Shrek.

The main complaint is that it felt more like a generic live action family flick, such as Transformers, fit for the whole family rather than a witty animation aimed for kids but suitable for all. The action was lacking and the comedy was toned down but that’s not to say that I wasn’t exhilarated nor laughing. I was, but not in the same way and it wasn’t as much fun.

The quality of the movie was clear, the animation was as good at it gets and in many ways, TOO good with the motion capture working so well it felt at times as if I was watching live action. The 3D was well judged too, with it adding depth without commanding spectacle.

In the end I’m left with rating this film higher that 2 and 3 as in did somethings so well but it don’t feel that it was better as a whole.

Shrek is a classic and it’s three sequels are not…

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