3D – 6/10

2D – 6/10

When I first saw “Avatar” back in December, I was left wondering just how “deep” the 3D was? It was said that it was the next big thing and that it was now an engrossing experience but whilst it was excellent, I still felt that I was watching a cinema screen.

But this year I’ve seen two more 3D films, this and “Clash Of The Titans” and now I see their point. “Alice in Wonderland” was CLEARLY shot in 2D and added the 3D later, and this makes for a flat image. Granted there are moments of wonder but only a few fleeting ones.

Overall this was not Burton’s best work, and certainly just a job for the normally excellent Depp. For a change, Helena Bonham-Carter gave a good performance. Overall, worth a watch or two but it actually suffered by being played in 3D and not only doesn’t it need it, it NEEDS to be 2D.

A worthy version of this classic it may be but nothing to get exited about.

NB: Originally posted in April 2010


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