Having originally watched this back in 2000, I felt it was good film. Worthy of its plaudits and as usual, Kevin Spacey providing yet another brilliant performance.

Watching this again, ten years later, ten years older, the poignancy of this film were magnified ten fold. Spacey is still first rate, but ten rest of cast perform to same level. Direction, music, cinematography, editing all make this one of the finest films of the decade.

Underplayed and subtle in so many ways, and yet overplayed in others. A simple story of man’s tragic journey of self re discovery much surly touch us all on some level. But Spacey brings something to role with is perfect. A sense of cheeky rebellion whilst faced with family who hate him, and his obsession with his teenage daughters friend.

This is borderline fantasy, grounded by the tragedy of real life, by simply living it.

Overall, well performed, well filmed and well presented.

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