This was the birth of modern CG cinema, whether you think of “Toy Story” or “The Matrix”. Dated visually, but still stunning, vibrant and colourful, this is a joy to watch, as we witness the truly ground breaking cinema of the early eighties.

Clearly a movie made by geeks, it speaks to its audience almost as an educational film, physically manifesting elements of the burgeoning computer world in a palatable way and whist simplifying things for the layman, or the general audience of the time, this is not shying away from what it is that makes computers tick.

It also posses some philosophical questions, about the spirit of creativity, namely the manifestation of the user upon their programmes.

But enough of all that. Filmed in 70mm, large, bold, bright and beautiful in parts, the light cycle sequences are first rate, but it is a shame that the story fails to live up to this. With the exception of the exposition scene between Bridges, Boxleitner and Morgan, there is little more than a simple plot line holding it all together but who cares when it looks this good and bursts through the envelope of movie development.

I’m not blind to the fact that the effects are simple geometric shapes and by today’s standards, they can be achieved easily on any home PC, but in context of an 1982 picture, this pushes the boundaries and opened all the doors for the future.

Enjoyable and well presented. Worth a watch at least once…

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