This could very simply be one of the best, if not the best satires I have ever seen. The comedy was hilarious, with the genius comic timing and execution that you could rely on from the great Chaplin.

But it is the serious and moving edge of this movie with is conveyed so well, mocking Hitler in one breath, whist trying to highlight the plight of the Jewish population of Europe during the early days of word war two.

It could be the be the fact that in the end, the horror of which Chaplin had tried to convey were very much underplayed, only really managing to capture the sense of the tragedy, rather than the realism of these events.

But as with Casablanca and many war films made during this period, the true horrors had yet to be fully realised and it would take decades for the these events to sink in to the public consciousness.

Highlights of this film were to many to list but there some stand out moments. The ballet style dance with the globe was a beautiful and enduring image that will stand the test of time, as will much of the physical comedy. The parodies of the leaders of the day such as Hitler and his Italian counterpart, Mussolini, will be left more for the students of history as the decades role on but they are brilliant, telling and in a way, a little chilling.

I suppose the whole concept of satirising two of histories most evil men can never be any less than chilling but done properly, as this is, still very funny, as it should be.

Chaplin had Hitler’s lunacy covered so well, with the evil expertly smoothed into a palatable pill, but edgy enough to make its points perfectly. This is a must see for all absolutely everybody. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

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