Even after review after review raving about this, I never expecting to come away with such reverence. This was an outstanding example of film making, let alone animation.

The characters have moved on without losing anything or changing significantly, and the heart of the story, looking at the end of their existence as Andy’s toys and the inevitability of there own demise was pitch perfect, and the right note to end this trilogy on.

The performances with first class, as was the animation which represented it was up there with them. Toy Story has never been afraid of exploring the darker and mature side of childhood, with the ‘torture’ of toys, abandonment and the mundane manner of there destruction.

This was no different and in many ways, slightly darker than before I thought, particularly the scene with the furnace… I shall say no more.

I was sorry to say though that I was not moved to tears, though I think I got the bit which was suppose to move me. I doubt that was the films failing though, just my black heart!

And as for the 3D, it was, like everything else here, perfect, but in many ways, too perfect, with little to impress that would not have been achieved in just two dimensions. If anything, this has proved that the better the 3D, the more redundant it truly becomes, offering only a little depth with is not much better then any half decent print.

In the end Toy Story 3 has rounded up a near perfect trilogy of magical and insightful movies, and with the third being as good as the first, this in itself must be ground breaking. Name me a Trilogy as consistent as this?

It is a crying shame that there can be no more, because this is one franchise that is as alive today as it was fifteen years ago. Kudos to all involved.

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