Many dismiss this as a lesser sequel and in many ways they’re correct. If by ‘lesser’ they mean a film that manages to sum up the ENTIRE plot of the 143 minute film that preceded it in the opening to TWO minutes and then tie almost ALL the loose ends left by Kubrick’s existential 2001: A Space Odyssey.

This is a cracking, fast paced, intelligent movie of the mid 80’s, overlooked because it was and actual film rather than a work of art, as the first clearly was. There’s nothing wrong with films being films and this was a straight forward nuts a bolts movie, which did its audience the courtesy of explaining what the hell was going on throughout, whilst still retaining some if the firsts sense of creepiness, and the expansive desert of space.

Good performances, score and direction help drive a narrative which 2063, if ever produced, would not be able to sum up in two or three minutes. Without this film, many of us Joe Public’s may never have known what HAL’s motives were or have any real idea as what happened to Bowman after his encounter with Monolith.

Thank you to Peter Hyams, for bringing us Chapter 5 of 2001!!! Or The End as many of us might refer to it.

Granted, the politics are dated, and as are some aspects of the film, but we let a lot go with 2001, such a BBC 12 and PAN AM so surely we can ignore some of 80’s clichés. Good, enjoyable and deep and intelligent enough not to be the disposable sequel it seems to have become.

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