At first, I overlooked this as yet another animated flick, as quirky and generic as many others of its genre but boy, was I in for a surprise.

The laughs started within two minutes and once started, didn’t stop until the end credits rolled. This was fun, funny and quirky, well paced and well written.

This was a cartoons carton, with a constant scramble from its movie literacy, to visual gags, straight forward comedy and at its heart, a well written script with a heart of sorts.

I say that, because though it conveyed a moral and emotional centre, it didn’t ram it down your throat as many animations have a tendency to do. This was released in the same year as “Up”, which did everything perfectly, with wackiness and moving heartfelt emotion, dished up in correct measure.

This fails in that, but makes up for it by being a straight up wacky and funny cartoon, still managing to make its points about abusing junk etc, but for the most part, it just a pastiche on Hollywood disaster flicks and plain old fun.

This was originally presented in 3D in cinemas and this apparent here. But it also goes to show how much of the the dimensional effect is built in the cinematography, direction and sound design before they blur those images and make us put the glasses on. This looked great on the big screen, and though I would love to see this in its native 3D, I very much doubt that it will add anything to the experience besides a little extra fun.

Great films are great works, and though 3D can add something extra, it won’t change the heart and soul of any movie.

Well recommended…

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