Subversive doesn’t cover the half of it! This was an expertly written, directed and conceived film, were everything was a little of kilter, just enough to give you what at first glance seems to be a real, Generation X style comic book movie. This was Batman meets YouTube. This was  film where the hero, the eponymous Kick-Ass, not only has very little skill in the first instance, but gains little as the film continues.

Kick-Ass’s strength comes from determination and enthusiasm. The band of “Hero’s” consists of Kick-Ass, a teenage lad with dreams of cleaning up the world, or at least his corner of it, his arch nemesis’s son, Red Mist, and the father/daughter duo, Hit Girl and Nicholas Cage’s, Big Daddy.

A lot has been said regarding the Characterisation of Hit Girl, a child with the skills to murder and the moment that will always shock, when she uses the “C” word, but since she was about kill about five men at that point, it didn’t seen to matter. I think that this was one of the boldest moves I’ve seen in years.

The shock and wow factor will always impress and disgust in equal measure but nothing is served by playing it safe all the time and it didn’t push anything too far, just enough to create a series of strong characters and remind us that it’s bloody hard work being a superhero, unless you’re form Krypton that is.

This is not a film that I would take the certification lightly. It is a 15 in the UK, and I feel that it pushes that to the limit and would be very weary about any child under fifteen seeing this. As for everybody else… This is a must see!

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