DIRECTOR: Ridley Scott

I knew before we started that Ridley Scott and “Robin Hood” was always going to be a bit of a tightrope and the end result was just that. This was Ridley Scott attempting to put the “Gladiator” and “Kingdom Of Heaven” into one of Britain’s most beloved legends, one which has generally been portrayed as being a fun and adventurous, whilst flirting with some very dark political overtones.

This is the problem with this project. On one hand there’s a lot to say about tackling the end of the dark ages with a truthful, more grittier eye, moving the narrative and tone away from comic book adventure and more towards historical accuracy or at least Scott’s ever bias view of it, but on the other, some of the magic can be lost.

We have a touch of “Gladiator” whilst the music a tone suddenly shift toward the action packed “Robin Hood” which has never failed to fill Hollywood’s coffers for over a century. It almost couldn’t make its mind up as to what it was doing, and it was doing this for two and half hours!

Some would find this boring whilst other like myself, would find it stretched, but interesting. The story was an interesting take on the legend and in many ways, a thesis on the origins of such legends. The writing was very good and it at times it was exiting and well paced, whist at others it seem to plod from one predictable point to another.

The acting was worthy, but there is no doubt that Crowe’s accent was at times hilarious, as it would shift, for example,  from Yorkshire to Irish within the same sentence! This was a poor show from such a talent, but it certainly didn’t spoil anything.

Overall, this was a good film and even though it was effectively Robin Hood Begins of the Ye Olde English version of “Casino Royale”, there was enough solid story telling to take us nicely throught its lengthy running time, not by the least, the ever classical cinematography from Scott and his team.


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