On September 27th 2010, Britain’s first ever 3D movie hit DVD & Blu-ray and it had opted, in its initial U.K. release, to go 2D and 3D with good old Anaglyth Red/Cyan format. This film was a 3D triumph in the cinema, and though it was never going to reach those illustrious heights in this simple and outdated format, Anaglyth is certainly a functional form and though colour loss is more extreme than the Polarised or Active 3D systems, and ghosting is prevalent, it is still generally very watchable.

But this film wasn’t. It was  absolute rubbish, with ghosting veering into the absurd and the 3D poor to say the least. I also felt that the colours on the screen were more in keeping with the magenta/green “Trioscopics” format rather than Red/Cyan. It has since come to attention that this was an ERROR in the DVD/Blu-ray’s mastering process and that even though Red/Cyan specs were included, it is in fact pretty much the “Trioscopics” system that has been used.

But it is still not that simple. Having tried out these glasses, it still wasn’t working until, having learned a bit about the processes of Anaglyth, turned the specs upside down, thereby reversing the colour pallet, and presto, it worked.

The ghosting reduced, the 3D is pretty sharp, as you would expect, and overall we have much more watchable movie.

It’s worth a try anyway and for all those who have had the same poor experiences with his film, good luck…

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