DIRECTOR: David R. Ellis

What can you say? The Final Destination? It might well be it for this franchise as it journey may actually be coming  to an end.  But ultimately it seems content to simple go through the motions, giving it’s audience it’s fill of grizzly and implausible deaths.

The point and plot go straight over my head. The first film was interesting, new and worth a watch but by the fourth I can’t even be bothered to ask the question of “what’s the point?”

The 3D was good, but with all 3D,  nothing to write home about or really service the plot. Overall this was a film that was lacking drive, imagination and seriously in need of a cast that could remotely act!

There simply isn’t the need for a film to be this bad, but on a plus note, it was so bad it provided me and my other half with an hour and a half of amusement so it wasn’t all bad…

NB: Originally viewed in  at the cinema but in Red/Cyan Anaglyth on Blu-ray. There was very little difference in my opinion as the anaglyth 3D was well composed.


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