1975 10/10 DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg The movie which heralded the summer blockbuster has never looked so good. At 36, this is a well but gently paced slow-burn thriller, with a mix of easy on eye thrills and gritty human discourse. Robert Shaw may well have made this his film, but he was far from alone. … Continue reading JAWS


2008 8/10 DIRECTOR: Andrew Stanton This is a film of two halves, and both are good, but the first is great. The film's style expertly harks back to the glory days of silent cinema, with where comic timing and expression ruled the Nickelodeons. *** SPOILERS*** The first half consists of very little dialogue and some … Continue reading WALL-E


10/10 1961 DIRECTOR: Anthony Mann This classic epic from the Bronson stable, will always endure as one of, if not the best epic of its day. A film that truly burst from its narrative constraints to be come a true epic masterpiece, rather than your typical MGM sword and sandal affair. That is not to … Continue reading EL CID