DIRECTOR: Justin Chadwick

This was a disappointing portrayal of  Henry VIII second marriage to Anne Boleyn. The style was too televisual and lacked the scope of the a major motion picture, with a high profile cast such as this. It was an interesting story though and as a TV film this would rank well.

The casting was a problem for me though, as Eric Bana as Henry? I don’t see it, nor do I like the drippy Scarlett Johansson as the Mary Boleyn, Anne’s sister. The best of the three top billed stars was Natalie Portman, but even she only delivered a good performance.

Overall, worth a watch, will interest you but with the cast not really enthralling, and the style lacking the presence on the pearl screen, I feel that this was a misjudged project, and needed a more theatrical direction to justify a cinematic release; certainty with  a story as well worn as this one. A leaf or two should be taken out of Shekhar Kapur’s “Elizabeth”, for adding a refreshing breeze on old subjects.


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