DIRECTOR(S): Conrad Vernon, Rob Letterman

This was a well pace and very entertaining cartoon’s cartoon. I watched the 2D version of this 3D animated parody, but nothing was lost, yet again vindicating my argument that the majority of the 3D effect and impact is down two the direction and sound design.

One of the opening shots was of a man batting a ball towards the camera, and even without the dimensional effect, the fourth wall was well and truly broken. My only real gripe with this film is one which I have a lot with modern animation, and that revolves around the nature of the comedy.

This is essentially a parody of the 50’s b-movies about the same subjects and whilst a working knowledge of the genre is not essential to get the humour, it helps with a lot of the gags, and I suspect that grandma and granddad would understand more than most.

Pixar have a tendency to strike a balance that others don’t, but the style and humour of this film are suburb, but I did feel that it suffered from it’s own cine-literacy, bogging it down at times with lazy gags.

Overall, good fun and well recommended but not sure that the 3D version is worth any real trouble or expense to see at the moment, but in time, I would certainly like to give it a go.

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