Well, simply put, this was slightly better than the first. Following the exploits of the previous film, “Meet The Parents”, Gaylord Focker, Ben Stiller, introduces his fiancée’s parents, excellently portrayed by Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner to his family, with the obvious humourous consequences.

Dustin Hoffman is on form and Barbra Streisand, who I honestly cannot recall seeing in anything but this franchise in the last twenty years,  is not bad either as the laid-back titular Fockers. Stiller’s and his lies are sidelined here, as the focus is on the conflict between the parents themselves, but all is resolved by the end, obviously and even though Owen Wilson’s cameo is pretty contrived and we could have done without it, it had its moments.

“Meet The Fockers” is marginally better than “Meet The Parents”, I think because the characters boundaries were more clearly defined, the jokes were funnier and tended to be less reliant on the awkwardness. This lighter offering was more than worth the watch and made me laugh which all you can ask from a comedy.

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