DIRECTOR(S): Les Clark
Eric Larson
Wolfgang Reitherman

This is the movie which brought Technarama to Disney animation. This is fully realised cinematic experience, with a wide image of 2.55:1, though it was only theatrically released with a 70mm 2:20:1 and a 35mm 2.35:1 print. The new ratio has been taken from the original negative. The film is bathed in classic sensibilities, with its less than subtle nods to Tchaikovsky’s ballet of the same name, and sweeping imagery.

The animation style is very 1950’s though and is a clear sign of the move away from the softer and less stylised art from films such as Pinocchio and Bambi. It is a look that I loved, with sharp boldness and a clear message that they were moving with the times.

The story itself though is a little thin on the ground, but probably still delivered more narrative that Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, 22 years earlier. This was a pleasant watch and a technical marvel, moving the genre forward with every frame.

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