DIRECTOR(S): Nathan Greno & Byron Howard


Will we be adding this to our collection? Maybe

Last night I went to see Shrek 5… No, I actually went to see a Disney digimation which was trying to cash in on the former franchise. But despite its look, this was Disney through and through. Lacking the wit of Pixar and the sharp zaniness of Dreamworks, this was part musical, part sweeping rom-com.

What has happened to this studio, when they lack the confidence to make their films, their way? If this had been hand drawn animation it would have been twice the film, but instead we’re treated to a mongrel 3D digimation with the story and style of Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar, but done without any of the flare of any of them.

The 3D was effective but the whole concept is now becoming very, very boring and I would have prefered to have seen it in 2D to be honest. It was never the less enjoyable, it made me laugh and some of the character development was quite effective, such a the horse, Maximus, who was as far removed from Shrek’s ‘Donkey’ as you could imagine, especially as he never utters a word!

I believe that this had a gross budget of $260,000,000 and was the sum total of six years of development. But I don’t remotely understand what they were playing at for six years, or what they have with all that cash. There’s nothing unusual or groundbreaking here, nothing that hasn’t already been done before by the other studios. In the end, the phrase ‘put the money on the screen’ has never rung so true. But I can assure you there is certainly not $260,000,000 on this screen.

I recon that kids and pure Disney fans will lap this up, though it is no Lion King, it’s certainly an entertaining animation.

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