DIRECTOR: Adam Shankman

I had lowish exceptions for this, and in many ways they were met. Adam Sandler is one of my least favourite comics working today, but he’s not a bad as some. He grates on me and has nastiness about him which I find a little strange for an actor who is making his name in kids films.

The pitch is simple, though be it unexplained. Sandler has somehow gained the ability to summon into reality, the bedtime stories which he shares with his nephew and niece. This is convenient as he is up against Guy Pearce for the top job in the hotel where he works as a cleaner. As the week plods on, so do the stories and the real manifestations to some mild comic effect, but ultimately, there is no real moral value to the stories, or the manifestations themselves.

The story as a whole, has a happy and incredibly contrived ending and though toted as a family film, I would place it more in the under 8’s category. Not as funny, intriguing or moral interesting as it should have been, instead, just tosh, tosh and more tosh! Still entertaining though and therefore watchable, but that’s about it.

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