DIRECTOR: Hugh Wilson

This classic slice on the 1980’s still managed to amuse me but fails to ignite te same comic flare which propelled this comedy to its iconic heights at the time. The comedy is timeless, either you like bawdy slapstick or you don’t, but the film is a product of its time.

Police Academy is the first and the best of this ridiculously overblown franchise which finished after no less than seven features. But this is the most grounded, with a straight forward plot and motivations, the comedy works better and is more plot driven that it’s gag a minute and repetitive sequels.

The simple plot is that the restrictions on joining the police force have been lifted by the new female Mayor and now anyone can become a cop. Silly though the idea is, it’s not entirely ridiculous for a comedy and works well, but it just fails to have the longevity and value of comedies such as Airplane! or even the Carry On franchise.

If you fancy a trip down memory lane then this is worth the 94 minutes, but avoid the sequels and don’t expect anything more.

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