DIRECTOR: Paul Weitz

Little Fockers is the threequel to Meet The Parents and Meet The Fockers, as if you needed telling that. There’s really not much to say about Little Fockers, apart from the fact that it was good. It’s not Shakespeare but it’s enjoyable and funny for what it is. Depending of your sense of humour, this will either lean towards gentle amusement or belly laughs, but as someone who is not a particularly a fan of Ben Stiller per say, I was still more than amused.

Owen Wilson’s perfect ex-boyfriend was fleshed out for this outing and added a lot to the film, whilst the elder Fockers, Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand featured less than you might expect. And though this isn’t Robert De Nero’s finest work, let’s face it, none of this franchise would qualify, he is still fun and lends weight to the characters and situations.

Though I must point out that there is little reason to call this Little Fockers, as there’s isn’t much of them. They feature in minor plotlines only. Little Focker is just a good title and it may be to the producer’s credit that they didn’t try to shoehorn a major plotline about the kids into it. This is primarily about De Nero facing his mortality and trying to pass the mantle of family leadership over to Stiller’s, Greg Focker, dubbing him the “God Focker”.

This does open the door to a whole host of Godfather gags, which will strike a chord with anyone familiar with De Nero’s as a young Don Corleone, role in the second of the Mario Puzo penned trilogy.

If you like the Focker franchise then this shouldn’t disappoint, at least not too much. I do feel that this film reviewed very poorly and this was unfair. Granted it not pushing the envelope and it does repeat the earlier films, but this is what the audience of films like this are paying for, as was proven by the $300,000,000+ box office.  I suspect that word on the street would be better than the critical response. It certainly performed much better that I was expecting for a third outing. Maybe there’ life in the old dog yet…


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