DIRECTOR: Howard Deutch

This is a pretty straight forward rom-com about a man, Jason Biggs, who is madly in love a work mate, Kate Hudson, and his best mate, Dane Cook is a professional arse-hole who is paid to date women who have been wronged by their boyfriends to show them how bad a date can get in order to send them back to their boyfriends. Get it?

But when Cook is employed by Biggs to show Hudson a bad time, it back fires as the pair fall for each other, leaving Biggs out in the cold with epic porn collection. But as the film plays out, it’s not really till the end that I know who we’re supposed to be rooting for, Biggs or Cook? Neither really, but someones gotta win I suppose.

Apart from an over the top but otherwise funny performance from Alex Baldwin who used to be serious actor once, I think, this was nothing special. It was still funny though and if you like exuberant teen/twenty something comedies then this will hit the mark but is far from a classic.

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