About half way through this cop thriller, Brian Dennehy, 70, is stood in his office discussing the case with his two detectives, Al Pacin0, 68 and Robert De Nero, 66. He makes a crack about their combined experience being 110 years on the job, a jibe necessary to abate the audiences concerns, but when he makes a serious point about getting this case wrong and jeopardising their pensions, I found myself laughing as I wondered why these two men where already drawing them!

Seriously, with all due respect to these guys, they are in their late sixties and they look it too! Granted they can still move and are fit but I found it almost incomprehensible that no-one in that precinct seemed to care about their ages. How many detectives  are still working over the age of 60? Really? But, leaving that on one side for the minute, the long anticipated pairing of the Pacino and De Nero, the first since Michael Mann’s Heat, which had very little shared screen time, was nice to see.

Was it any good? Well, the pairing, no, not really but the film itself wasn’t bad. It follows the investigation of a serial killer hunting down villains, and it looks more and more like a cop as the film progresses. Is it obvious who it is? Are we going to be subjected an epic twist? Yes, and No, not really. It is obvious from outset as to who the shooter is but the heavyweight acting of our two leads help to keep is us distracted for few minutes here and there.

The film is much more entertaining than the plot is, mind, a narrative which believes more in itself that it should do. Paint by numbers suspense interspersed with hard-core S & M, zippy dialogue and fast passing makes this  film into nothing more than a decent 97 minute cop thriller, and not the movie event than many had expected. Shame.


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