2008 4/10 DIRECTOR: Robert Zemekis  I love pioneers. They push the boundaries of their fields to create something new. In film, George Lucas, before he turned to the dark side, helped the evolution of visual effects, whilst Fritz Lang is undoubtedly one of the Grandfathers of modern cinema. D.W. Griffiths, though controversial, introduced us to the … Continue reading BEOWULF


2008 3/10 DIRECTOR: Doug Liman NOT A PART OF MY COLLECTION Contains Spoilers Will we be adding this to our collection? NO Only Doug Liman, the director who brought us the weakest and yet the opening act of the genre re-defining Bourne franchise, have mucked up an action film revolving around teleporters fighting a secret … Continue reading JUMPER

Radio Five Live’s Hans Zimmer Snub

Also posted - Empire Online Forum- This was a my post on the Radio Five Live's Facebook page in response to the Simon Mayo/Mark Kermode led roundtable debate a couple of weeks ago as they selected 12 tracks to be played by he BBC Philharmonic Orchestra this Friday in my some city of Salford. … Continue reading Radio Five Live’s Hans Zimmer Snub