DIRECTOR: Gore Verbinski

“A touch of destiny” Seriously?

A PIRATE: Murder, kidnapper, rapist and violent thief. Now I’m not going get into some middle class argument about the fact that this franchise is projecting inaccurate image of pirates from the 17oo’s, which they obviously are. Jack Sparrow is an anti-heroic rogue but in real life he would have been someone who your children would have feared. But that’s the fun of film, allowing us to put down reality, suspend our disbelief and play pirates for a couple of hours.

The problem is that At World’s End takes this too far. The pirates in this, the third film of the now flagging franchise, are a Nation, with a way of life, a culture to be respected as should any other. WHAT?! No! They’re pirates! Evil, thieving, philandering PIRATES!

In the opening sequence, pirates and those who associate with them are being hung, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them? Is this a misjudgment? Has Gore finally lost the plot? I think he defiantly has. Within five minutes of the Walt Disney logo a child has been hung. Is this really was Uncle Walt had in mind when he was drawing Snow White?

But having said that, this is not the bulk of the problem, but merely the core, rotten though it is. Johnny Depp is absent for the first 25 minutes, not good. The film opens with a sequence in Shanghai which is bring, long and overblown to the extreme. It could simply be removed without any impact on the film.

Then we arrive at Davie Jones’ Locker to retrieve Jack, as he was eaten by the Kracken in the last film. Job done. Next! Now, with Davie Jones under the control of the Evil English Lord Becket, it’s up to the eponymous Pirates to save their noble way of life… Enter Keith Richards! Who was a disappointment to say the least, so please, exit Keith Richards.

It turns out that Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and co. are all Pirate Lords… Yes, you heard right and due to yet another pointless sequence with Chow Yun-Fat, completely wasted in this film might I add, Keira Knightly’s, Elizabeth Swann is now a Lord as well… In fact, by the last reel, she will a Pirate King… Seriously!

All the loose ends are tied up, battle ensues and victory is had to all the deserving pirates… And that’s it. So clearly the plot and the ideas are completely blown, misguided and misjudged to the extreme and should by all rights, have sunk this franchise. Luckily it didn’t and in my opinion, the series would return to form with On Stranger Tides. And talking of misjudged, just look at the poster! Is it really in keeping with the rest of franchise?

But having said all that, even though it is essentially rubbish, it’s still somewhat enjoyable as long as you can get past all the rot, which is very, very difficult. The back stabbing is worse than usual and it’s no longer clear as to likes who or who is on e whose side. It’s just plain confusing.

But who cares, just sit back, enjoy the visuals, the gags that work and Hans Zimmer’s fantastic score, the best since the Klaus Badelt’s first. It still looks and sounds great, it’s just a pity that the plot fails so miserably.


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