DIRECTOR: Paul Weiland

From ginger Scots to Kabor tossing, every highland tradition imaginable was pulled out for this surprisingly dull rom-com. The two leads, Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan,  both lacked any real chemistry or charisma as  a couple of best friends who after ten years, finally realise that they love each other. But surprise, surprise, she has fallen in love with a Scottish Duke, whilst on a seemingly unexplained trip to Scotland.

Then, within two weeks, they’re getting married and he is to be her Maid Of Honour. This should have been a recipe for some genuine humour and romance but instead, we get very little of either. The role of the eponymous Maid Of Honour is almost downplayed as if the writer thought that it was great idea but had no idea as to how to make it work. This was compounded by Monaghan’s poor and boring portrayal as the lead, who never really seemed to care about the events or even the film!

For example, when he is tricked into hiring a sex party rep, the U.S.’s equivalent of Ann Summers,  to perform at her bridal shower, her reaction is neither mad nor shocked. I presume that she was supposed to be upset but there was no evidence either way. And then we have the lad who spread the virus in Outbreak, or Patrick Dempsey who is better known as the heart-throb from Grey’s Anatomy. And he’s trading on the latter.

He’s great, good-looking and gorgeous and he knows it! But there should surely be more to a performance than dopilly swanning through the film, as if just being there is enough. Granted I suspect that it was to many a swooner but for me, the pair’s miss-casting, the poor script and the mediocre direction have ruined what could have been a classic if handled properly.

But it wasn’t all bad, some of the visuals of Scotland were good, but it’s hard to muck that up really and it’s certainly watchable, more so for fans of the genre though.

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