Radio Five Live’s Hans Zimmer Snub

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This was a my post on the Radio Five Live’s Facebook page in response to the Simon Mayo/Mark Kermode led roundtable debate a couple of weeks ago as they selected 12 tracks to be played by he BBC Philharmonic Orchestra this Friday in my some city of Salford.

I would like to clarify that I like Mayo and Kermode, their views and there shows very much and am certainly a fan, though I don’t always agree. This is one case that I disagreed with the following Hans Zimmer point, though I was glad to here John Barry’s, Zulu promoted, Mark’s support of On her Majesty’s Secret Service and Jaws, effective though it is, dismissed in favour of Raiders Of The Lost Ark and even a positive nod towards John William’s more recent work, Catch Me If You Can.

“I have just finished listening to the Music Roundtable discussion podcast as Mayo, Kermode and Co. selected the list for Friday’s Film Score show. I must say that I think that it was nothing short of outrageous that Hans Zimmer was overlooked yet again, without a single suggestion. His name was mentioned in one comment regarding the inclusion of some big names but that was about it.

I suppose that the argument will be that his scores are often synthetic, which is only true to an extent, but even so, the criteria of   “orchestral only”, just goes to show how narrow-minded the debate was. Modern music includes synth and it would certainly be possible to play a Zimmer styled score orchestral. Brad Fidel’s, Terminator was at least mentioned, though dismissed as synthetic, but nothing on the likes of Zimmer and the whole host of associated composers.

And the fact that David Arnold’s, Independence Day theme was being seriously considered was typical of the bias towards British composers. The score is good but not outstanding, and it would seem to me that he had been thought of mainly because Arnold is a friend of the show. Though I admit, I do enjoy hearing him when he’s on.

I just wonder why Hans was neglected?”

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