DIRECTOR: Gary Winick

It sounds terrible; It doesn’t look much better, but was it as bad as all that? Not really. Kate Hudson is proving herself to be a pain as she doesn’t seem to have much range outside bitchy, slutty best mates or at the very least, selfish people. But then we have Anne Hathaway, who looks the part as the nicer than nice girl next door but has a darker edge to her persona.

So this, a story of two lifelong best friends torn apart by the fact that they’re dream weddings are booked on the same day suits them both down to the ground. It’s a savage indictment that a film charting the overnight betrayal of a such a close friendship should be so well received, financially that is, with its $30,000,000 budget being trumped by $85,000,000 profit.

I found it to be patchy at best, and even the comedic value seemed to be brushed under the carpet by the shmaltz, the darker elements did ring true to me and I did find myself rooting for the two protagonists to get a grip and sort out their friendship, even though I bloody HATED them both!

But, my personal feelings aside, the film, clearly did its job and presented a vision of femininity that though bleak, was certainly accessible by its audience.

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