Contains Spoilers

Will we be adding this to our collection? Yes

Bridesmaids: The mare mention of the title filled me with a sense of dread as my fiancée, and that is of course relevent as marriage is imminent for me in five weeks of writing this review, told me that we were seeing this. A chick-flick comedy from the Judd Apatow stable following the comic misadventures of a group of bridesmaids, and I must add that I’m not a real fan or follower of Apatow’s work…

Well, what a treat this was. Yes, it is a chick flick but this was also a real movie, cleverly conceived, executed and played, with humour, heart and mild drama portrayed in equal measure. The comedy aspects were funny and at times, some hilariously so, and the drama, most of which centered around Kristen Wiig’s, Annie Walker, and her failing life. Through the course of the film she looses her apartment, job, business, her friends and her self-esteem.. Or does she?

The plot is simple: Her best friend is getting married. Annie is her Maid Of Honour but is almost penniless, man-less and somewhat insecure. Everything goes wrong, including a very well judged gross-out sequence involving food poisoning, and I mean well judged in the sense that a scene involving vomit and loose number 2’s could have become totally gross when in fact it chose to show what it needed to, to convey the scene and nothing more.

Meanwhile, the bride has struck up a friendship with her groom’s boss’s wife and one of her other eponymous bridesmaids, Rose Byrne, who is rich and somewhat over the top, giving Andrex puppies out as party favours at one point, for example, which opens the door to the inevitable conflict between the two bridesmaids. Byrne is the new best friend and leaves the lifelong friend that is Wiig standing, and that friendship in danger.

In my experience there are three types of Chick Flicks. The Formulaic, usually starring Kate Hudson or Matthew McConaughey, or both; The Indie, offering more character but little plot; or this, The Proper Film, with a bit of everything offered in reasonable proportions. Heart, plot, thrills and spills. This had some great moments, with the food poisoning fitting, the excellently played flight to Vagas and the wig out out, pardon the pun, at the Bridal Shower. This had all the hallmarks of a classic with real staying power, up there with the likes of Airplane!.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable comedy, well cast and composed. Though it was predictable in a way, it wasn’t too much so, still leaving plenty of room to sit back and soak it up. Highly recommended and this has certainly raised the bar for modern comedy, at least for me.

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