Theatrical Version: 1987 Director's Cut: 1987/1998 DIRECTOR: Paul Verhoeven I was 12 years old when I first saw this film. At the point when Peter Weller's, Alex Murphy's hand was blown off in a sadistic act of violence, I was traumatised for rest of my life! Don't get me wrong, even then, I knew that … Continue reading ROBOCOP

Empire States on Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

This week, Empire Online's Helen O'Hara posted this on Empire States blog section: "" It basically talks about some of the negative responses to its own reviews of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Obviously many people have criticised them for been too harsh and not giving it credit for being fun, but Helen and the team at Empire have another view. This was my … Continue reading Empire States on Transformers: Dark Of The Moon