Empire States on Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

This week, Empire Online’s Helen O’Hara posted this on Empire States blog section:


It basically talks about some of the negative responses to its own reviews of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Obviously many people have criticised them for been too harsh and not giving it credit for being fun, but Helen and the team at Empire have another view.

This was my response to them on…

“I certainly understand Helen’s points for most part but must add that from what I have seen so far, I feel that a review which is summed up with this for Dark Of The Moon, “An improvement on Transformers 2, but then what isn’t?”, is itself flawed. DOTM has received 2 stars whilst Revenge got 3. How can this be better than Revenge unless in retrospect, Empire’s review has changed. Mark Kermode’s review was spot on, except that I felt that instead of condemning the film, it justified it for ALL the reasons that he gave. It was cynical, vulgar and money-grabbing and it worked. Should they stop making these films which sacrifice artistic integrative for cheap thrills? Well all’s I would ask is should we stop seeing them? Well, if they make so many of us happy with a 150 minutes of escapism them no, we need these films. Kids love them, adults like them. Critics are afraid to like them. I respect any critical review and I am seeing this film tomorrow. The first was excellent, the second was good enough but a hit with the kids, and third is still an unknown quantity to me, but Transformers and Bay get a raw deal from critics, but I’m glad that film fans are putting the money where critics fear to tread.”

Anyway, like I said, I’m off to see it tomorrow in glorious 3D tomorrow so my review is immanent…

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