DIRECTOR: David Yates


Contains Spoilers

Will we be adding this to our collection? Yes

The end has finally come. The end of an era and all that. Well, it certainly is. Harry Potter never did for me what it did for so many others, my wife included, but the 2000’s were clearly the decade of Harry Potter. As long as you discount Star Wars and The Lord Of The Rings, but enough of that for now…

Simple question; Was this a fitting end to the franchise of eight films over ten years? Just about, yes. The Deathly Hallows Part 1 was the first REAL film of the lot, with a more serious tone and pace but Part 2 was always destined to be an all wands firing, kill the bad guys finale, and on that note, it didn’t disappoint. The performances were as hit and miss as normal, with the REAL actors acting and the kids, well, they have grown up with the franchise so we might as well forgive the fact that even though they can act to a degree, there are no real stars amongst them.

This was also the first 3D outing, after the aborted attempt to produce HP7a in the format. We chose to use HP7b to try out IMAX 3D on a feature for the first time. I’ve seen IMAX 3D before, but only documentaries, the most notable being James Cameron’s, Ghost Of The Abyss 3D, back in 2003, but 3D to be honest didn’t help.

IMAX 3D is simply not as robust as RealD, as whenever you turn your head to left or right, ghosting occurs and with the sheer scale, this can be quite uncomfortable. I was also disappointed by the ratio. It was presented on the IMAX 1.44:1 screen in what appeared to be it’s native 2:35:1, or possibly 1:85:1 but either way, I feel that it should have been presented in IMAX’s native ratio otherwise, what was point?

Other than that, the image was pristine though and the film held my interest for the running time, but it just felt, as if as with many franchises, that this was an all too predictable a finale and relied on my hopes and pre-existing excitement for the heroes to prevail, rather than any real plotting or twists.

A shame really, but worth a watch for fans of film and the source alike, but not the best entry of the franchise by far, with The Prisoner Of Azkaban and Deathly Hallows part 1 taking those prizes.


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