DIRECTOR: Paul Greengrass

UPDATED: 10th Anniversary of 9/11

This is simply an incredible movie. Certainly one of the most moving and intense that I have seen in many years.

Now, exactly a decade on, this film’s poignancy is still as relevant today as it ever was. Casting relative unknowns was the key to this frightening realistic portrayal of September 11. Though, due to the casting real people in many roles, the dialogue’s delivery does suffer from time to time, but it is also those faults that make this so believable.

The sense of shock at the second plane hitting the South Tower was so well portrayed, edited and directed that it sends shivers down my spine, though in many ways because I saw this day unfold live myself. This is a gripping drama, which has the courage of its convictions, staying the path of its internal truths and never drifting to theatricalities often attributed to movie of this time. Simply put; The story is dramatic enough and needs little if any real embellishment.

This is truly one of the greats, dealing with a historical event in such a mature way that it should stand as a historical document for decades to come.


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