Today the results of the BFCA’s Top 5 Blu-ray’s over the past 5 years has been released, via the Critic’s Choice website.

The winners are:

Well, to start with I very much a agree with Close Encounters as besides being a huge fan of the film, this is the type of edition that Star Wars should be aspiring to, with all three major releases of the film, not dissimilar to Blade Runner on that account. The quality is perfect, with fantastic sound and for fans and collectors alike, this is value for money if ever there was.

As for the Planet Of The Apes box set, I haven’t seen it. Love the seminal film and liked the third one too, but I’ve been happy to stick with the DVD. Saying that though, I’ve very pleased to hear that it has been received so well, so that if I do upgrade, I know that it will be worth the money.

Then on to 2009  with the Wizard Of Oz, another classic and the upgrade to already brilliant DVD edition from 2005. Again, I’ve not seen the Blu-ray but if the DVD is anything to go off, then we should be in for a treat.

Now, Avatar is by far one of the best Blu-ray’s that I have ever seen. Animation always does better for showing the format at its best but this semi animated/live action blockbuster released twice in 2010, is surly the definition of audio visual perfection. The only qualms that I had were the obviously cynical vanilla release in April, followed by a proper three editions release in November; The lack of option to view this in the cropped 2:35:1 ratio that many of us saw it in at the cinema and the fact that the 3D Blu-ray is only available in a Panasonic bundle and is fetching extortionate prices on eBay.

As for Apocalypse Now, this looks like a great release but not being a huge fan of the film and having the Redux version from 2001 on DVD, I will probably never see this edition. But then restoration of the original theatrical ratio of 2.35:1 rather than the incorrect 2.00:1 released previously, is worth the purchase alone.

Finally, Lord Of The Rings still keeps coming. The biggest motion picture trilogy of the 21st century, though I’m sure that Harry Potter and Star Wars fans might disagree, has topped the league this year on Blu-ray. The DVD’s were already first rate, with their 6.1 soundtracks, first rate packaging and release strategy at the time. To be honest I don’t feel the need to upgrade these but again, glad to here that when I do, I can only get better…

Overall, this a list that I can agree with.

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