DIRECTOR: Nicholas Stoller


Will we be adding this to our collection? Maybe

I must admit that this was the last film on list on its initial release and it wasn’t until my stepson’s birthday, when this was bought as a gift, that I even gave it the time of day. Russell Brand is not everyone’s cup of tea and I would not say that he has endeared himself to me, even though when I first saw him hosting Big Brother’s Big Mouth back in 2005, I knew that he was a new talent heading for the big time.

And this is it. His plays a version of himself every time, but at times like this, playing a rockstar on a downwards spiral, as well as having lost the love of his life, Jackie Q, excellently played by Rose Byrne, his hits the mark squarely. Jonah Hill, a regular of the Judd Apatow comedy stable, is charged with taking Aldous Snow, Brand, to the Greek Theater in New York, the venue where he made his name ten years earlier in an attempt to restart his career.

This quickly becomes a straightforward road comedy, with Brand making Hill’s life as difficult as possible along the way. This is on a similar level with Spinal Tap, though many would kill me for saying as much and though I would not suggest that this is better on as funny, it is certainly a close cousin.

Get Him To The Greek is very adept at satirising the music industry which it clearly reveres and like This Is Spinal Tap, whilst poking fun, it does so with great reverence and a solid heart. This is a music parody played for comedic effect as well as attempting to put in to moral context. But having said all that, I think that it fails, totally in doing so.

It’s just funny. An amusing look at the industry and it should be taken as this and nothing more. But it’s not as bad as many might think and I believe it to be more accessible to more than to just Russell Brand fans, though his vehicle, it surly is.

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