40th TEN CANDLES FILM (10/10)

Since the beginning of this blog back in November 2009, there have been over 260 reviews, but only 40 of them have rated the full 10/10, or Ten Candles as the new rating system would have it. This site is a very personal enterprise, allowing me to write about, research and generally share my intense interest in film and as such I take my ratings just as seriously.

I had considered several ways of reviewing a films over the years, including points systems where a film will gain on fail to gain a mark to build a rating out of ten, but I felt that a clinical approach was not the way to go. I feel that film is my passion therefore, logically the only way to fairly rate a film is to do so with passion; with feeling as the basis of an any decision.

Many films that I watch are technically brilliant with many reasons as to why they should be ten out of ten, but I simply don’t like them. I need to express my likes, taste and feeling with the truth about how I  feel about a film. Top marks to me are served by feelings and how that equates with its technical value.

It has to be, to me, the best of the best in how it makes me feel. Will I watch this again? Will I enjoy it again and did it do what it sets out to do? Is there truth in the feature?

To see the full list of  TOP RATED films, just click on the link.

On October 13th 2011, I rated my 40th Ten Candle film, which was the 1954 classic, ゴジラ GOJIRA, which against the odds, impressed me immensely. I would never have thought that a 50’s Japanese Monster Sci-Fi classic would have been on this list, but with its mature interpretation of post nuclear devastated Japan and well constructed melodrama, this has taken the biscuit and all the candles too!

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