DIRECTOR: Sylvain White

Dance films are not my natural genre, but since my wife is a fan, I have seen a fair few over the past few years. Stomp The Yard has to be the biggest and best surprise that I’ve experienced from this genre. Basically, I had come to the conclusion that dance movies had to fit the mould of films such as Step Up 3D to reach their maximum potential, as it was difficult to craft a real story around the genre of Street dance. Fun, light and focusing on dancing rather than narrative but this film has just smashed that conclusion!

This is a very REAL film, expertly directed and for the first time since the original Step Up back in 2006, which was the nearest example of a proper film from that franchise, I felt that I was watching a well-rounded movie with real characters, situations and emotions. The story is still simple but the cinematography is stunning and never have I seen Street dancing filmed like this, with such power and raw energy.

Granted, the story is clichéd but it takes itself seriously and allows us to do so as well, which is half the battle for any film. For fans of the genre this will no doubt be at the top as a favourite but for everyone else, like it or not, I challenge you to disregard the direction of this film. It looks and sounds stunning and is a very solid production, down to the casting, music and tone. A pleasant surprise…

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