N.B. This should have been published on the 4th October but due to an oversight, it slipped through the net!

So, better late than never…


The Empire magazine’s website, currently has a promotional article on what it views at the Top 10 Movie Prequels.


My view of a Prequel is that it is essentially a Sequel set before an already produced film, so Star Wars: A New Hope would not qualify as a sequel to Episode III,  as it was the first of the franchise.

Their view is somewhat different. We start with Batman Begins, which could be loosely classed as a prequel but it don’t actually play in the same universe as Tim Burton’s Batman, so it would strike me more as a Reboot. Then, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, which though set prior to Raiders Of The Lost Ark, it is not set before to establish character or circumstance, its primary aim was to show that the stories or chronicles of Jones would not be constrained by a linear universe, and like any story told by anyone, can be plucked from any time.

X-Men First Class, fair enough and I would accept Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, but Manhunter! Manhunter was made in 1986, first and five years before Silence Of The Lambs  so at what point would this be a prequel? Though Red Dragon, the third of the Anthony Hopkins led series would be.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly I would accept, and have not seen Internal Affairs II, but Star Trek is another mixed bag. Good reboot but not a great prequel as it offered little in the way of connection to the Star Trek universe which we know and love.

The Godfather Part 2? Really? A Prequel? It was clearly a sequel with flashbacks to before the first film, but the core story played as a continuation of the first film which should surly qualify it as a Sequel… and finally Casino Royale. Bond return in a narrative prequel but clearly a reboot not too dissimilar to Star Trek.

Overall, the article is contrived, poorly conceived and makes little sense. It would seem to have been thrown together at the last-minute and has a little understanding of what a Prequel actually is or what it would take to qualify as a great one. poor work from the premier film magazine… this time.

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