DIRECTOR: Peter Cattaneo

I first saw this back in 1998 on a first date. It was pretty much our last date but I’m sure that, that had nothing to do with the film! This was a runaway hit back in the late 90’s, made on a shoestring and grossing almost $200,000,000. This is a simple story of  a group of unemployed Sheffield steelworkers who, all in need of cash, form a male strip group and perform at their local Working Mens Club.

This is a warm-hearted look at the harsh realities of broken homes and the deprivation in Britain caused by Thatcherism and mass unemployment. The relevance to today is all too close for comfort but in the midst of this depression, we follow the evolution of a solid bond between the troop as this motley crew work on their routine and deal with the various issues which will eventually lead them onto the stage and the titular Full Monty.

I was 19 when I first saw this. Single, childless and living at home with my parents. Now, 33, a married stepfather to four, my outlook on this film have changed. I always thought that it was very funny, and that the performances and casting where first-rate but now, I suppose I’m more susceptible to the emotions of the piece. I was genuinely touched by the film which is reminder of harsher times, that we may well experience again.

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