DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese

I was expecting early Scorsese, a boxing film and a usual great performance from Robert De Niro. I got Scorsese at his finest, a film about a man who happened to be boxer whilst witnessing the finest boxing scenes ever committed to film and the reason why De Niro is so highly regarded. Raging Bull is nothing short of BRILLIANT. A true portrayal of the monster barely submerged under the somewhat  likeable persona of  the real life boxer Jake LaMotta whilst admittedly tempering the real mans rage.

The photography, writing, direction and editing here are textbook, the high water mark for vision and restraint, even the choice to shoot it Black and White was inspired. There’s not really much left to say without dissecting the entire film, but there really is little to fault it. Its tone is gritty and dire, with real tinges of tragedy rather than the more flamboyant touches often employed by Scorsese in his more recent work. This is true film making at its best. Honest to its core.

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