DIRECTOR: Randal Kleiser


Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Contains Spoilers!

An 80’s classic through and through. Flight Of the Navigator follows a 12-year-old boy, who in 1978 was last seen chasing after his dog in the woods. After falling into a ravine, he awakes eight years later, as if only a few minutes have passed. His family has grieved for their presumably dead son and his little brother has since grown up, but he is still a boy from the late 1970’s.

Meanwhile, a spacecraft has crashed into power lines and has been taken to NASA for research. Soon after, a connection is found between the boy and the spacecraft and his is taken to NASA as part of their research. They discover that he had been taken by the spacecraft and recruited as a navigator for a mission, which only took a few hours, but due to light speed, eight years passed on earth, leaving the well and truly out of time.

Adventure ensues and happy endings are had all round. This is a simple film with some complex themes milling around under its surface, well for the first 45 minutes, anyway. Up until he finds the ship and flies off on his high adventure, the film looks into the more tragic and serious effects of intergalactic contact, such as time displacement and the families loss of a son in what should have been a child friendly actioner. Also, as the plot unfolds more like a suspense, but once the mystery is revealed, it becomes a straight forward adventure.

It’s a good film and a nostalgic classic but not up the higher standards of films such a Gremlins or the The Goonies. Worth looking at if you get another chance and the effects still hold water as well.

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