DIRECTOR: Robert Schwentke


Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

May Contain Spoilers!

The pitch: Man displaced in time meets his future wife in the past and grooms the little and vulnerable girl to love him in her future until he eventually dies and frees her from this living hell! Or was that just my take in it?

Overall this was an intriguing idea of a man who as a child, survived a car crash which killed his mother and found that his was no longer able to stay in one time. As he grew up, he travelled, often against his will, within his own lifetime and as I’ve already covered, cultivated a relationship with his future wife.

This was an adaptation of the novel and maybe, not having read it, the novel was able to convey more than the film, but there’s very little to this. There is a lot of events, a lot of predictability and a lot of sloppy and unrealistic explorations of the bizarre relationship between these two temporal lovers, but whilst its bizarre in one respect, it’s played very traditionally in an other.

The performances are nothing to write home about, with simple work a day portrayals of at times, two barely two-dimensional characters, but that’s not to say the Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams were miss cast or bad. No, they did a reasonable job with misjudged material. This needed to be  more of an exploration of the complexities of time travel and the effects this may have on their lives and psyches. It could also have drawn from more traditional examples of disjointed relationships, which keep going in spite the fact that one member is often away of disappearing. But instead it ops for a bog standard American marriage between two people who love each other and seem to be ignoring the incredible obstacles placed before them.

In short, it had an ambitious narrative but nowhere as much ambition in the adaptation or the direction. I just didn’t believe in these two lead characters nor the ensemble with surrounded them.

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