Sunday night was BAFTAS night. This year I wasn’t particularly polarised by the films on offer, not having seen so many, but there were a few highlights that caught my interest.

In the best VFX category, Rise Of The Planet Of the Apes & War Horse both lost out to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 2, which I felt was appalling. HP’s effects were fine, but they always are but they haven’t offered anything as new and innovative as ROTPOTA or War Horse. Until Sunday night, I didn’t realise that half of the horses in Spielberg’s epic were CGI, they were that good and Planet Of the Apes’s effect were integral to telling the emotional story of last years best film.

The Artist did very well and though I haven’t seen this yet, I’m keen to do so, being a fan on the silent era but it looks like an amazing homage to film from that era but with a few new twist added for good measure. I feel that even though I would have prefered Gary Oldman to win for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the Best British Film winner, not so much for his portrayal as Smilie as again, still haven’t seen this, but for a career as an outstanding actor and the  best in the business in my opinion, Jean Dujardin’s award seemed to be well-earned as it can’t be easy to act like a silent actor in 2012, since that art form died 80 years ago.

There was plenty of decent nominees as well, including several films that I would like to see, such as Drive, War Horse, The Artist, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and surprisingly, Moneyball, the latest Arron Sorkin opus. There are a lot on interesting films floating around at the moment and as usual, films such as Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, seen as a crass popcorn movie by many, were snubbed by BAFTA.

I found that this year’s ceremony was pretty blah, with the exception of Meryl Streep losing her shoe as she accepted her guaranteed gong for her portrayal of The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher. 

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